We are a multimedia company based in The Dalles, Oregon, but we service the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Our roots actually started several years ago in Montana and in 2016, the company moved out west with its founder, Brent Powell. We have a desire to tell stories and we can think of no better way to do so than visual storytelling. We started by doing a bit of everything, wedding photography, senior portraits, websites, logo design, commercial videography, the list goes on… But after relocating to the Pacific Northwest, Brent and his wife Jessica decided to be a bit more focused. While both of them are accomplished photographers and have worked together personally and professionally for over a decade, they decided to separate out the consumer based photography and launched Jessica Powell Photography in 2017. Jessica now spearheads the consumer photography services, leaving Brent to helm the commercial services aspects of multimedia content creation.

About Brent

Brent Powell is an interesting mix of artist, technician and jack-of-all-tradesman. After growing up off-grid in central Oregon and spending over a decade in Montana, he respects this beautiful world so graciously available for exploration and discovery. This has driven his passion for capturing images, moving and still, to share with others. Besides making media, you can find him renovating a house (don’t mention, drywall), hiking mountains or traveling the world with his wife and son.

About Jessica

Jessica Powell is probably the most authentic, natural and inviting photographer you’ll ever meet, but then again, we’re pretty biased by this Montana girl’s style and ethos. On top of being a dedicated wife and mother, she is a marathoner (full-on 26.2 mile variety), personal exerciser for one German Shorthaired Pointer and compassionate community builder. She strives to build up not only her clients, but also the creative community we find ourselves in. Community over competition!