The best camera…

…is the one you have with you. And today, that usually means a smartphone, but it could mean an array of devices from tablets to professional DSLR cameras. In the business world, we need to take pictures to showcase our business or product, but what do you really need? Turns out, it’s not too hard to take a good picture if you keep a couple things in mind. Here are a few things to make your next photo look good.

Light is your FRENEMY

No light isn’t good and too much might kill your shot as well. Finding the right balance. Typically, the smaller the sensor on your camera, the more light you need. Using a smartphone? Take images next to a big bright window and avoid bright objects in the background. With a larger camera, try using a shop light or clamp light to illuminate your subject.

Keep it simple

People like to be creative, but often lack the experience to know how much is too much. Start out with the bare necessities, just the subject on a simple background, then add from there. You’ll always be glad to have the simple image to fall back on in case your grand idea falls apart.

Put it down

Stop holding your camera and stabilize the camera with a tripod, clamp, pile of books or whatever it takes to have the camera still when taking a photo. While adding movement to an image makes for a cool shot, a blurry image usually doesn’t convey much quality. Smartphone tip: use your wired headphones and the volume buttons to take the photo. You can thank me later!

So there’s a few things to help your next photo capturing endeavor be successful. These are the ground rules, practice enough and you can break them. Or, you could always drop us a line, we are always ready to help you with your photography needs.