Quick Tip: Save time posting to Instagram

iPhone users, do you ever use the built in notes app in iOS? My notes app has always been full of half-completed ideas and quick references, it’s pretty crazy in there. But did you know that you could use the notes app to streamline your Instagram posting? Here’s how!

Now you can put whatever organizational spin on this as you’d like, but start off by creating a folder, let’s call it “Instagram Posts” or something like that. Next, create a new note. Now grab that spectacular image you’ve been wanting to share and drag it into the note. Below the image, start crafting your post. Here’s where you can have fun, as you can edit to your hearts desire and utilize spell-check and the oft-forgotten feel of the tactile keyboard.

Bonus: create another folder to store frequently used hashtags that you can past into your posts!

Once you are finished with your post go on over to your phone, this is where it gets exciting. As long as you have iCloud syncing turned on, you should now see the posts you just created on your Mac (same goes to iPad, though a little different). It all starts with the image, tap the image and then tap the share icon followed by a tap on “Save Image” to save it to your camera roll. You could also share the photo with Air Drop or Lightroom CC, but I kinda like keeping the image with the text. Copy that text and start crafting the Instagram post using the image in your Camera Roll.

So that’s the gist of it! To further make use of this trick, start crafting your posts en masse and after a few taps you can knock that post out quick, putting valuable time back into your day!

Do you use a Windows PC and/or an Android phone? Let us know if you have a similar method. We’ve used OneDrive/DropBox/Google Drive in the past for the images with good results and a note taking app like OneNote or Evernote for the text.