Pathfinder Dam

It was last year, I was down in Casper for work and I was told about this rare “natural” event going on nearby. Now I say natural, but it’s a manmade construct that made for the unique images I captured. The Pathfinder Dam was beyond its limit. Rather than spill over the top, an emergency spillway was constructed just for this type of event. This had only happened a few times in the dam’s 100+ year history.

I drove out one night with a friend and took a few pictures. Typically I go on trips and carry more gear than I ever use, but around this time I had been lightening my load and being a little more intentional with what I had with me. No tripod, just one camera a lens and my iPhone to capture the event. We made it there before sunset and were greeted to some spectacular views, but I knew I’d have to return once again before I left town.

First Night's Image

After returning back to Casper and back to my hotel, I started looking up the history of the dam. It was built as part of a land reclamation project in the early 1900’s to provide irrigation water to eastern Wyoming and western Nebraska. It was built from local stone and has some similarities to the Hoover Dam in its construction. If you want to know more, click here to visit a page about the history of the Pathfinder Dam.

On my last morning in Casper, I headed out to Alcova once more to see if I could get some sunrise images. I was pretty pleased with what returned with me that morning. I even took some video and have finally put together a little vlog about it. Here are my images from that morning.